Dirt Cheap Web Hosting - Serveit.org

$24.00 to my PayPal account gets you a year of web hosting (250MB/4GB/MySQL/etc) if you've managed to find your way here.

It's not a super-mega-wicked-good hosting package true (I would however characterize it a simply wicked-good deal without reservation!), it's offered nonetheless, to fill a niche, nay, a void, for folks that need to have a small amount of space and bandwidth with some server side scripting and databasing capabilities.

This is a subletting of shared hosting. I am a square, it's my shared account, I won't stand for much monkey business but am not your mom either, read the terms and if you can abide my them, by all means, contact me or sign right on up.

Good Product - Good Motive

This service is hosted on a shared server by Dreamhost, rock solid since I joined in 1999. I'm making this available because people seem to need it. Just a bit, for a wee amount, you know? Dig in.


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