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You're strongly encouraged to read this site over before signing up, get a feel or the deal. Terms of Service are especially important to understand. If you've done all that and are as excited as I am about the whole thing, well, sign up!

I'll normally get you up and running in a few days at the most (it's all done manually, gimme a break! It's cheap right!?). If you're unlucky and catch me on vacation and away from a computer (hey, it could happen one day) then maybe longer. Like I'll ever have a vacation away from a computer.

I'll put you on my calendar and hit you up next year for another 24 bucks. If I forget, well, you'd be getting a better deal than most now woudln't you? Real pro outfit here :)

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By punching that button and making the subsequent payment, you're agreeing via virtual hug and handshake to abide by the terms of service and realize full well that you'll be tossed if found in violation, without a refund. Plain talk for plain folks! Honesty and Integrity for honest and integritized peoples, Thanks :)
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